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    Hydrangea - Summer Crush™

    Hydrangea - Summer Crush™

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    Hydrangea - Summer Crush™

    3 Gallon Plant

    Full, big-leaf growth and dimensional blooms of your favorite variety in a brand-new hue. The Summer Crush® Hydrangea features a reddish-pink tone that’s not usually seen in this specimen. Even better? This vibrant splash of color is accompanied by impressive, easy growth and heat tolerance, too.

    And the Summer Crush®’s compact habit is one-of-a-kind. The full, dramatic silhouette grows effortlessly into a manageable mature height. Best of all, this variety is bud hardy, so you get reliable blooming on both new and old wood…a smattering of flouncy, flourishing petals that attract graceful wildlife while surviving the elements. Plus, if you change up your soil’s acidity, you get a full spectrum of color, from rich red to plush purple.


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