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    A flower farm and so much more...

    Welcome to Posie Fields, an enchanting flower farm with a heart for serving people and communities. We specialize in growing heritage and nontraditional flowers that our enthusiasts and those we have yet to meet can cherish. Florists pursue our flowers as their key ingredient in delivering flower art and experiences for weddings, events, and special occasions. ​We provide flowers that uplift and spark the unique aesthetic of our customers in their home and their businesses. 


    The thoughtful intention of giving flowers dates back to the Middle Ages. Flowers are given to us when we are born and left for us when we pass. Their presence deepens our human connections and celebrations. Creating meaningful, personal, and educational experiences with flowers is our vision. A genuine desire to provide a place of nurture, health, and joy that uniquely comes from a farm and flowers drives our purpose.

    Erin Champion, Posie Fields, #posiefields, #slowflowers, #flowerdelivery, #flowersubscription, #local flowers

    The Slow Flowers Movement

    Did you know that nearly 80% of all flowers purchased in the USA are imported internationally?

    That means the majority of grocery store flowers never touch American soil. The Slow Flowers Movement (#slowflowers) started in 2013 in an effort to reinvigorate American floriculture by a group of American flower farmers dedicated to doing the hard work of growing and selling locally.

    Posie fields is proud to be part of the Slow Flowers movement.

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