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    Love at First Seed

    When a seed is planted, it first grows roots. Once the roots take hold, a small plant begins to emerge and eventually breaks through the soil. When this happens, the seed has sprouted.

    A passion for growing flowers was born in 2018 when Erin Champion was in her former role as Operations Manager at an urban vegetable farm located in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Erin educated herself on the process of growing flowers and proposed the idea of using a small section of land to apply what she had learned. She fell in love at first seed. The process of growing, harvesting, and selling nontraditional flowers felt like she met what she was always meant to do. It was an answer she did not realize she wanted. She can now pursue her passion for making things beautiful. 

    In June of 2020, Erin Champion , formed Posie Fields, LLC. in pursuit of becoming a leader in the slow flowers movement. Posie Fields quickly outgrew the ¼ acre of land they were renting so they looked to expand the farm to create an experience for visitors to enjoy from all over the world.

    In 2024, they moved the farm to Alpharetta, Ga

    • To deepen human connections and life celebrations.

    • To be known as the most unique and memorable flowers and flower farm experience.

    • Grow and supply heritage and non-traditional flowers from a destination flower farm that welcomes, nurtures, and educates.

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