Flower Care

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    fresh flowers

    While we cannont guarantee the life of your bouquet, here are a few tips on how to best care for you Fresh Poise.

    We understand that caring for a bouquet can be intimidating. But like all things beautiful, a little maintenace is required.

    • Sterilize

      It is important to sterilize your vase by washing it with soap and water before every use as bacteria and fungus in your vase are the main reasons for a short vase life for fresh flowers.

    • Cut

      Cut each stem of your fresh flower bouquet about 1/4" before putting them in your vase or container. This allows the stems to more easily absorb the water and nuturients it needs to preserve its vase life.

    • Water

      We recommend you change the water in your vase everyday. But at a minimum, change the water every other day to enjoy your blooms longer.

      *Pro Tip: Add a drop of clorox bleach or vodka to your fresh water to cut down on the bacteria.

    • Direct Sun Light and Heat

      While the flowers in the field love sun light and heat, cut flowers do not. Keep your fresh flowers away from direct sun light and heat sources.

    Posie Fields Flower Farm #sayflowers #posiefields #slowflowermovement

    dried flowers

    While lowers in maintenace than fresh, dried flowers do require a bit of maintenance to prolong their shape and color for years to come.

    • Sunlight

      Dried flowers will fade in color and begin to breakdown when exposed to direct sunlight.

    • Storage

      Dried flowers can be brittle. We recommend storing them in a plastic container with a lid when not used as decor.

      Pro Tip: Place a silica pack or even cat litter in the container when storing dried flowers. This will minimized exposure to mositure.

    • Water

      The good news is dried flowers do not need water. The bad news is, water can destroy a dried flowers. Avoid any contact with water.