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    Our Why - Heirloom Flowers

    Do you remember being a kid and visiting your grandparent’s home and seeing all of the beautiful heirloom flowers in their yard or home? 

    Some growers define heirloom flowers as locally grown flowers that have been passed down through families or groups.  Heirloom plants are open pollinated – meaning that seed from these varieties can be saved each year and will grow 'true to type' from seed each time.

    To say that another way - heirloom flowers are the flowers which often color your fondest childhood memories.

     “Memories without emotion are often forgotten. "

    Flowers add color and emotion to your memories.

    Flowers can be used to mourn the passing of a loved one or to celebrate the birth of a child, the engagement of two people in love, or to accentuate the beauty of an anniversary or milestone.

     That is why Posie Fields exists.

    We want to continue the tradition of passing heirloom flowers down to the next generation. Whether you buy our heirloom bouquets or use our seeds and plants, we want to help you create memories with flowers. 

    Buying locally grown and harvested blooms provides you with an intimate experience because you know exactly where the flowers came from and the story of the seed. 

    We are a proud member of the Slow Flowers Movement, which means you are buying flowers which are in season. That not only means that your flowers will last longer but that you are also a part of that movement.


    Posie Fields
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