Our Why

    Do you remember being a kid and visiting your grandparent’s home and seeing all of the beautiful heirloom flowers in their yard or home? 

    Some growers define heirloom flowers as locally grown flowers that have been passed down through families or groups.  Heirloom plants are open pollinated – meaning that seed from these varieties can be saved each year and will grow 'true to type' from seed each time. 

     To say that another way - heirloom flowers are the flowers which often   color your fondest childhood memories.

      “ Memories without emotion are often forgotten.”

    Flowers add color and emotion to your memories

    Flowers can be used to mourn the passing of a loved one or to celebrate the birth of a child, the engagement of two people in love, or to accentuate the beauty of an anniversary or milestone.
    That is why Posie Fields exists. We want to continue the tradition of passing heirloom flowers down to the next generation. Whether you buy our heirloom bouquets or use our seeds and plants, we want to help you create memories with flowers. 
    Buying locally grown and harvested blooms provides you with an intimate experience

    because you know exactly where the flowers came from and the story of the seed.

    We are a proud member of the Slow Flowers Movement, which means you are buying flowers which are in season. That not only means that your flowers will last longer but that you are also a part of that movement.


    Posie Fields


    Say Flowers with the Posie Cart

    Posie Cart Rental

    The Posie Cart has quickly become our mascot and you can rent it for your next event. From weddings to retail and everything between, the Posie Cart will add an elegant touch to your event.

    • Weddings

      Want to impress your guests?

      We can customize the flower selection based on your needs. With our “create your own” or with pre made bouquets, your bridal party and/or guests will never forget your wedding!

    • Bridal & Baby Showers

      Are you planning a bridal or baby shower? The bride or mom to be will be blown away by the Poise Cart! We will work with you to customize the Posie Cart Experience to make the shower beautiful and elegant!

    • Retail

      Want to draw more attention to your restaurant or retail store? Book the Posie Cart for a head-turning curb appeal!

      You can choose to sell flowers to your customers or you can give bouqets away as part of a grand opening or holiday promotion. We will customize the experience to meet your needs.

    Inspiration for your next event...

    Reserve the Posie Cart

    Use the form below to reserve the Posie Cart for your next event.

    Posie Cart FAQ

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    What if it rains?

    In the event of rain, the Posie Cart will need to be moved indoors by a member of the Posie Fields Crew. We will keep an eye on the weather and work with you to coordinate your event accordingly.

    If you need to cancel your event due to weather, we will work with you to reschedule your cart rental.

    Can I move the Posie Cart?

    No. The Posie Cart should only be moved by a member of the Posie Fields Crew.

    How much does it cost to rent the Cart?

    Posie Cart rental starts at $450 but we can customize a package to suit your event.

    Can I ride the bike?

    No, the Posie Bike should not be ridden. However, you can sit on it for photos.

    What about setup and delivery?

    The Posie Cart will be delievered by the Crew to your event 30 mins to 1 hour before your event in an 8'x10' enclosed trailer. We will remove the Posie Cart immediately following your event or as agreed upon in your rental details.

    What is the cancelation policy for a Posie Cart rental?

    Posie Cart rentals can be canceled up to two weeks from your scheduled event. Cancelations within two weeks of your event are nonrefundable but you can reschedule. Please see our Refund Policy for more information.