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    Bicolor Hellebore, Lenten Rose

    Bicolor Hellebore, Lenten Rose

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    Bicolor Hellebore, Lenten Rose 2.5 qt. 

    Hellebores, also commonly called lenten rose, are super easy to grow and extremely long-lived. These little beauties bloom from mid to late winter all the way through early summer.

    These perennial plants prefer well-drained, rich, organic soil. Hellebores thrive in the shade, making them a great choice for a woodland garden! Their rough, serrated leaves also make them resistant to deer and other critters.

    Cut hellebore flowers when they have dropped most of their stamens and are starting to form a seed pod at the center of the blossom. Their colors may have faded just a bit at this stage, but the flowers will usually last more than a week.

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