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    Hydrangea - Penny Mac

    Hydrangea - Penny Mac

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    The Penny Mac Hydrangea

    3 Gallon Plant

    A fast-growing, very popular Hydrangea with pink to blue blooms in the summer. The Penny Mac is the perfect, low-maintenance Hydrangea for the gardener with little time.

    Its lush foliage can soften any landscape around trees, borders, fences, etc. If your soil is acidic the blooms will be on the blue side. Neutral soils will create more of a pink color. The Penny Mac is a repeat bloomer.

    Combine your Hydrangeas with boulders, perennials, and even plant in masses for an explosion of color. You can't go wrong with Penny Mac! Your company is sure to admire the color of the Penny Mac Hydrangea. Do you have a natural area? Plant in 3's or in group plantings with hostas, dianthus, abelias, and even roses.

    The maintenance is super low for a Hydrangea. Minimal pruning is required in the winter to maintain size. After blooming, prune dead blooms and they will bloom again. Bring the blooms inside! Take advantage of the natural beauty of these flowers and trim a few for a lovely, simple arrangement.

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